Who We Are?

Ephar store is a full-service marketing and distribution company specialize in Oncology medicines,Cardiovascular,Anesthiesia,Hormones,Diabetes,Antibiotics .

Our services encompass the entire distribution value chain including supply logistics, regulatory, sales and promotion

Ephar store has become one of the leading pharmaceuticals and medical device distributors in Yemen, serving both Strip markets. Backed by decades of local market experience, Ephar store has steadily created valuable market presence for our partner brands and growing their market share. As a result of The great effort and harmony in carrying out the work by all the staff of the organization

How did the idea start?

The beginning since the year 2004, when the pharmacist Mabrook Aljabaa started with the establishment of Al-Quds Pharmacy, and in the year 2006 he established Al-Hayat Hospital, and in the year 2015 started wholesale trade . During all the previous periods, an information base was created about the pharmaceutical market in Yemen and the existing needs in various specialties from here  The need came in 2021 to establish Ephar Store corporation to import pharmacuticalsand to provide effective medicines from reliable sources, relying on the market base that we have and on the ideal relationships that bind us with our customers with whom we have worked over the past years.


We value people as the greatest value, that medicine is a service, not a commodity, and we treat others as we want to be treated.


We are committed to doing what we say.

We are operates on the principle that if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind


We are focused on achieving our goals with a commitment to delivering the highest levels of quality and excellence in all of our work.